L-1 Visa


The L-1 visa allows a U.S. business to transfer a foreign individual to the U.S. We help businesses from around the world transfer executives, managers and people with specialized knowledge to U.S. companies. Call or email with any questions you have. We are always happy to let you speak directly with an immigration lawyer.


The foreign individual must be coming to the U.S. to work temporarily, and must continue to work in a capacity that is managerial, executive, or involves specialized knowledge. In addition, the individual must have worked abroad with the foreign company that is affiliated with the U.S. Company, for at least one year in the past three.

Spouse and Children

The spouse and children of L-1 visa holders are issued L-2 visas, and are eligible for employment authorization and can attend school in the U.S. for the duration of the L-1 visa.

Employment Authorization

L-2 spouses and children are eligible for employment authorization in the U.S.

Green Card (Adjustment of Status)

L-1 visa holders may have dual intent. In words, they can intend to pursue a permanent visa at the same time as the temporary visa. This allows a qualified L-1 holder to accept a permanent job offer in the future.


We provide full service representation for filing in the U.S., processing at the consulate in the foreign country, and entering the U.S. We defend against actions and requests for evidence from the government and guide the case through the processing to ensure it is handled properly. Due to the federal nature of immigration law, we serve clients in all U.S. states and throughout the world. Contact our attorneys for more information or to start your case.